Beyond a cozy, well-equipped home, ready to welcome you in the ideal conditions to begin a new stage in your life, our colivings are also and above all places for meeting, sharing and conviviality.

A move is usually a key moment in life; it implies a change in life circumstances, a change in social environment, a change of neighbourhood, city, sometimes even country.
This is why it is not uncommon for it to be experienced as an uprooting, and even more so in large cities, where it is sometimes difficult to make new encounters.

At Colonies, our private spaces are designed to offer you a place to retreat, where you will feel 100% at home, and our common areas are designed to cultivate connection and companionship, giving you access to a support & friendship network from day one.

__We__ create the setting for you to share enjoyable moments with your housemates.
__You__ decide when it's time to be social and when you need some me-time.
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